Focus On Community

I’ve just marked my 5 year anniversary as a residential Realtor. This feels like a milestone as so many people move in and out of this business. I’ve made it 5 years. By no means have I become the #1 Selling Agent, but I am still here, standing on my own two feet and focusing on what I love to do: build communities.


My goal for my buyer clients is always to help them buy a house, make it a home, be friendly with the neighbors and fall in love with the neighborhood. Living someplace where you feel connected to the community is beneficial to residents and neighborhoods alike. If we can get neighbors talking across the privacy fence, we can build trust. When we have trust in a community, we build a different kind of community, one that looks out for each other.

Where to start? Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Never see them outside? Bring them a baked good. Get to know your neighbor well enough that you can count on them to look out for you. Our neighbor across the street is the polar opposite of us, but we have a lot of fun talking and we lend each other stuff. Mostly, he lends me stuff, but I’d be happy to lend him anything he doesn’t have.


Do you have an extra egg, carton of milk or cup of sugar? Make sure your next door neighbor knows they can borrow it from you. Where you have abundance, seek to fill another’s cup.

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